Foresight Methods & Scenarios

Course: Strategic Foresight
Instructors: Leland Shupp and Jake Dunagan

Team: MJ Kwak, Donna Kwok, Ai Miyazawa, Kevin Yang


Develop possible future scenarios to prepare for a range of alternative tomorrows. My team explored the future of sleep in the year 2030.


Using Causal Layered Analysis (CLA) to map out the current view points of society we identified emerging trends and issues pertaining to sleep.

Our team also explored the Three Horizons, Alternative Futures, and 2×2 foresight methods for a more holistic understanding of sleep.


Based on the insights gathered from CLA, we developed possible future scenarios. Here are a few excerpts from the four scenarios:

Sleep Intervention

Poor health and early mortality rates grew to an all time high between 2018 and 2025. Increased connectivity around the world has made it easier to work across the globe and around the clock. By 2030, most corporations and governments around the world have begun to address this issue through workplace policies and healthcare reform.

High Heat, High Connectivity

Summers of 2030 are much longer than previous years with spring and fall nearly non-existent. Temperatures during peak season have become unbearably hot. People mainly venture out of their homes early in the mornings or late in the evenings. Most work from home since distributed organizations have become the norm within a highly connected world.

Open Sourced Sleep

In 2030, the suggested 7 to 8 hours of sleep has become widely unaccepted. Instead, it is a strongly held belief that everyone has unique sleep needs and patterns that are determined by genetics. Much like personality tests, people take sleep tests to find out what their optimal amount and schedule is, and just their work day accordingly.

Sleep for Success

Lucid dreaming has increased in popularity. People want to be much more productive while sleeping to have greater control over their success, creativity, productivity, and dreams. Numerous studies have been conducted with human test subjects and new technology has been developed to aid people in their lucid states.

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The Future of Sleep in 2030