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Course: Social Ventures
Instructor: Steve Diller, CEO of Scansion Inc.

An online community that encourages and empowers healing so the displaced can rebuild their lives for a stronger, happier and brighter future.


Since 2008, 22 million people have been displaced on average per year from climate-related disasters.
By 2100, there will be an estimated 2 billion climate change refugees.


10 in-person interviews conducted July 2017
in St. Tammany Parish and New Orleans Parish


Through secondary research I discovered:

1) Studies of severe natural disasters show that 50% or
more of those affected suffer from clinically significant
distress or psychopathology.

2) Those who are poor and marginalized often suffer
disproportionately from the effects of being displaced.

3) People who can rely on friends and relatives for shelter
and support recover faster and more completely.

In addition, primary research findings showed:

1) Most interviewees mentioned having PTSD or knowing
others who did.

2) People did not want to or were tired of speaking
about their experience.

3) More comfortable speaking with people they know.

4) The more someone did speak about their experience,
the better they felt and were able to move forward.


Healers – largest area of opportunity because of the potential number of target customers as well as the lack of solutions currently available.


Business Model:

flourish provides:

Social Support Network
● Locate family and friends
● Connect with other displaced individuals
● Peer-to-peer counseling
● News and resources

Mental Health Hotline
● 24/7 network of counselors and therapists available over the phone or via video chat
● Specially trained for displacement and refugees


1) Active users
2) Counseling sessions
3) Displacement Data (demographics, relocation, impact)