Strategy | Responsive Design | Email Marketing

Role: Senior Designer, Project Lead

THE PROJECT wanted to update their existing weekly newsletter to be more
mobile-friendly. Our solution ended up boosting engagement, doubling click
rates and revenue per message.


The header of the original email stands out, while the subsequent information
fades into the background. There are no clear calls-to-action and the
information is difficult to follow. The CTA and readability can be stronger
with some slight adjustments. Making it responsive will also improve the
experience across mobile devices.


The client asked to keep all the same information and elements, but make it more
mobile-friendly. This presented a challenge since it limitedthe changes that could
be made, especially in a responsive design. The layout had to be structured to easily
wrap and stack vertically on mobile.

The first iteration was a slight improvement, but the content was still cluttered and
tough to scan through. This also made the mobile version much too lengthy.


I presented a second version with my recommendations using
best practices and prior testing knowledge.

1) Removed Form
Forms in email generally do not perform well since they are
not compatible with all browsers and email clients. People
only spend a few seconds on an email.

2) Simplified Hero
Readers get the most important information quickly, without
any distractions.

3) Reduced Number of Deals
Having 24 deals in one email was intimidating. Cutting the
amount in half improves the layout and readability.

4) Optimized for Mobile
The hero section now stacks nicely on mobile, displaying the
main message prominently on the screen. Only a few swipes
are needed to view the subsequent offers.


Working with our strategic services team, we developed a testing plan that would
allow us to find the optimal design.

We broke the email out into sections that we could run individual A/B tests on so
we would could pinpoint exactly which changes worked or did not work.