I’m a results-driven creative strategist who loves to solve problems. I enjoy analyzing and synthesizing information to uncover new opportunities and solutions. I’m deeply passionate about using design thinking methodologies to help businesses be more profitable, ethical, and innovative.

With over 11 years of professional experience, I bring together a unique blend of skills from accounting, marketing, design, and business. I have a proven track record of designing digital strategies that increase conversions and revenue for clients.

I have worked with 50+ clients including: Sprint, ADT, PacificSky Solar, Hilton, Starbucks, adidas, and Sony Entertainment Network. Working collaboratively with clients across a variety of industries has allowed me to adapt to different brand styles and tailor my communication skills to their organizational cultures and goals.

As a current MBA in Design Strategy student at California College of the Arts, I love being in a challenging environment where I’m learning how to use both qualitative and quantitative tools to explore human needs. I hope that this holistic view of design and business will allow me to bring sustainable strategies to the organizations I work with in the real world.

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